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Wildfire Outreach to Pescara Italy

So for those of you who know nothing about Wildfire I guess I haven't wrote much about it on this blog, one of the main ways we disciple the young people who are with us is by getting them involved so this was not my outreach it was the outreach of seven young people the oldest was 18 the youngest was 12. At the same time we encourage families to be involved and we had the privlidge to have a family with us from Scotland. We encourage the young people to be involved to the Max, preaching or MCing etc.

Italy feels like years ago but in reality it is only 2 months ago. I really liked Italy, I guess it is the latin culture which I really liked. Pescara is very beautiful as well, towards the end of my trip I was thinking I would like to spend sometime there when I am a little more relaxed not working on an outreach, just to walk around and take in some of the beautiful views. However I did manage to spend quite a few afternoons on the beach and an early morning cursory of a new Arg…