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Thought of the moment! God speaking out of the box!

So how does God speak to us and how does he intervene into our lives each day.  If we began to see Jesus walking through our days we would realise we have even more to worship him about than we presently do.
I truly believe that we can see Jesus walking through the situations of the day big and small if we fail to do this I believe we miss some key lessons and things he wants to say to us and wants to do in our lives.

If we limit God speaking to our quiet times or to someone giving us a prophecy or a chat with someone with them saying what I am saying is from the Lord.  I believe God speaks outside of this, he speaks outside our box.  Dare I say it but he can speak through non believers.  Throughout the day we probably have many conversations with dozens of people some of them are believers some are not. In these conversations the name of Jesus is probably not even mentioned but even at these times God can be speaking.

What about when you have an argument with someone our tendency is …

Some recent stories!!

So as you may have seen in other newsletters or Blogs I am off to Argentina in September to do the counselling school.  People would keep asking me so when are you booking your flight and I would say I don't know I don't have the money and can't see how I am going to get it!! God had already come up with a plan which would completely take me by surprise. Back at the beginning of the year when I knew I would be heading to Argentina in September I decided to start doing my part which was to bake a few banana cakes and sell them to the DTS Students. I thought well I'm not going to earn huge amounts but I can do my part this was just the beginning..........
As I told people about my future plans they started to give me small amounts of money in pennies for example  although one of those bags of coppers added up to £40 and then another bag amounted to £20.  This was so encouraging and great to know that so many people are with me and so supportive the most amazing bit was yet…