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Angela's Autumn Antics!!

Just to bring you up to date the story in brief is that this time last year this man who wanted to leave a legacy behind after he died so he left his house to YWAM. The short story is that we got given the use of the housenat the beginning of this year. It looked quite different to how it does now we spent quite a few months redecorating and renovatingl. However we still have the bathroom to do and my bedroom it seems like a never ending story.......

Summer turned out to be a real surprise we didn't go on the boat 'THE NEXTWAVE' in the end which was a bit disappointing but we went to YWAM base near Coventry called The Kings Lodge where there was a Wildfire camp.We took 10 young people with a family from London to the camp which was absolutely awesome the first was week was like a training week for the young people which we called FREEDOM CAMP. The young people came from Egypt, America, Uganda, Poland and Britain. It was amazing to see how much the young people grew in …

The treasures in our hands!!

Once again today I was reminded of the amazing privilege it is to work and have the opportunity to get to know children and young people and even more so the blessing it is to invest into their lives!
We can often forget that even when we have just one in 0ur hands they are a treasure that God himself has placed there and for an amount of time it is our responsibility to care for and rub till that young person shines brightly. No matter how young they are we are shaping their destiny. Perhaps I am beginning to have just a small glimpse of what Jesus meant when he said
"Let the little children come to me"
As adults we can often hinder our younger ones coming to Jesus I think that entertaining them is one way that we can hinder them from really getting to Know Jesus they may stay in our church building but they sometimes don't get to know the one that can give them real Life!
I think there are a number of ways we can let the children come to Jesus, we as the adults who have …

Life in the East-End

So over the last few months I have had the joy to become what we call an East-ender although I don't want to be tiled with the same brush as one of those people on Eastenders. I don't think life is like the telly programme at all but what programme is really like real life. I now feel it is a privilege to be an East - ender. There is an amazing sense of community here even on the estate I live on. I have had the awesome opportunity to get to know my neighbours we seem to know each other on the road we live on many our Philippino and they know each other so that helps and they knew the man that left us the house. We dont know the people on the other side of the road which is a block of flats but that is on my hit list in the next few months.

So this is a really exciting to be here in East London especially at this very key time in history we are officially the Olympic city in the world all eyes are going to be on London and n particular the east end. The stadium is going t…

Relationship with a book or a person

Recently I have had quite a few conversations where I have asked a number of people about their Christian life and where I expect to hear about what God has been saying but what I have heard from those that have shared with me is rather what they have been reading rather than what God has been saying to them. I am now realizing that perhaps to many God speaking to us is an alien concept. It is something that we were told could happen when we first started on the journey of getting to know God but I guess many of us have resigned and comforted ourselves in the idea that God doesn't really really speak to us these days or God doesn't speak to me as I'm not spiritual enough I mean I'm not a Pastor or anything like that so why would God even need to speak to me.

The Bible is probably the most amazing book ever written probably because one way or another it was written by the creator of the universe, however after speaking to people I realize that many of us have a relatio…