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Controversial thoughts

My mum passed me an article today about how a fostering couple in Derby had their application to foster be denied because they would not teach their foster children the council's line on homosexuality. Unbelievable how can people think that promoting homosexual lifestyle to young people even children is right.  Homosexuality is on the increase and there has to be a reason for that it is not a coincidence that people are choosing same sex relationships over marriage. Which could actually lead to the extinction of humanity or perhaps at least to creating humans without traditional sexual intercourse besides the idea of one coming from a loving relationship between a man and a woman ideally within Marriage
Family is being destroyed from all directions and perversions in sexuality is one way of doing this besides monogamy being very far and between in same sex relationships therefore causing more and more hurt and pain, it too is the cause of STD's.
There are many other topics that …