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A few moments out of my life

I did a park run which is 5K in this heat on Saturday, although it wasn’t too hot so I was fine and managed it. I have signed up to do the colour run a week on Saturday. I’m going to be doing it for Hope for Justice which is an anti -slavery organisation they are amazing. There is some really lovely countryside near me which was so nice to see and I must go for a walk there when I’m not running, probably with someone as it would be a bit secluded. Still there were over 300 people who came on the park run.

SO I am back into the swing of work again, Spain feels like years ago. Even though it was only 2 weeks ago. Thankfully I am still in touch with some of the friends I made, they may become lifelong friends, I do hope so. It’s been an interesting week so far me and some of the girls from my family went to the Britannia hotel for afternoon tea. It was really lovely and so reasonable, there was hardly anyone there. It is…