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Jesus Loves Manchester

Since getting back to Manchester God has put a greater passion in my heart for evangelism and the Lost.  It is amazing the amount of opportunities I have had to share the gospel and simply share my testimony both present and right back when it all started for me.
God renewed my passion for evangelism and those who don't know him when I went to The Revival School that some folks from the Liverpool Church were running it was amazing the way we worked together as a team and how the presence of God followed us about it was an extremely powerful and equipping time.  In the mornings we had teachings on some basics but topics which were extremely challenging and in the afternoons we took Jesus on Tour.  Where we would go to different locations around Liverpool and set up a gazebo, have a worship session which made a huge difference would blow up helium balloons which we would give to little kids and we also offered face painting.  Others of us went door knocking or chatted to the people…