A.R.T Antics

A.R.T Antics
USMM Graduation

About Me

Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Someone who Loves God with I am a bubbly lively person who loves meeting people and loves God with all their heart and trys to put God first always. Someone who has a calling to work with young people and the arts. I have a heart for urban missionary work I am called to build the kingdom.

Jesus Loves Manchester

Since getting back to Manchester God has put a greater passion in my heart for evangelism and the Lost.  It is amazing the amount of opportunities I have had to share the gospel and simply share my testimony both present and right back when it all started for me.
God renewed my passion for evangelism and those who don't know him when I went to The Revival School that some folks from the Liverpool Church were running it was amazing the way we worked together as a team and how the presence of God followed us about it was an extremely powerful and equipping time.  In the mornings we had teachings on some basics but topics which were extremely challenging and in the afternoons we took Jesus on Tour.  Where we would go to different locations around Liverpool and set up a gazebo, have a worship session which made a huge difference would blow up helium balloons which we would give to little kids and we also offered face painting.  Others of us went door knocking or chatted to the people who were drawn into the tent or we went off to find people to speak to. Throughout the week we saw  around 20 people make decisions to ask Jesus into their lives , I was privileged to be part of a few of these decisions. I realised that week that evangelism is a lot easier than I first thought and since then I have found it easier.  I left that place revived and with a Passion to see Manchester won for Jesus.  The week I was in Liverpool was the same week of the riots I believe this was no coincidence but that God had us there for such a strategic time it also meant that people were more open than usual!  The Riots in Manchester started the slogan 'I Love Manchester' which now covers many buildings in Manchester and means that a Jesus Loves Manchester can be received.  The riots are a good talking point with people in Manchester everything the enemy tries to use to destroy God can use to bring glory to his Son Jesus!
  Since then I have also been involved in a Mission called Jesus Manchester part of MJK ministries a couple of times the last time we did the outreach in the pouring rain and despite the terrible weather people were drawn to where we were by what the band was singing and we were able to have a some good conversations and I personally witnessed 3 people give their lives to Christ.

Telling people about Jesus and how he can transform lives and what he has done for me beyond the forgiveness of my sins and the healing he continues to do but also the little presents or experiences he gives me which I can tell people about which make me smile and others when I tell them like the guitar incident!

I continue to be wowed by God's presence amongst my brothers and sisters at Kings Church in Manchester and the love in this family.  A couple of months ago I became a member and since then I have become part of the kids work and went to Worship team for the first time so watch this space!!

As part of our Church in the Home we have been doing a fair amount of outreach we had a Community BBQ  back in June which went down a treat. As a follow up tonight we had a private event at COSTA at the top of Cheetham Hill at the FORT.  Despite no -one we invited coming in when we chose to open the event to passers by we saw a huge response to our free coffee offer and people were made to feel welcome and chatted openly with our team and one person commented on how friendly we were people were blessed and encouraged I prayed for God to surprise us and surprise us he did!  I look forward to see what God will do in this event in the future and with the lives of the people he touched this evening.

In truth this is what I would love to spend my time doing and I need to investigate how I can do this and earn a living at the same time if you have any ideas answers on a postcard to me LOL!

On the work front I recently worked as a TA for an Inner City School in Manchester which despite the challenges and ups and downs I enjoyed and hope to work there again it was somewhere where I felt I could make a real difference!  I find myself in an interesting place considering studying again and getting qualifications that are more specific like Teaching or Youth work etc.  There are so many things I'm interested in and passionate about it isn't easy to narrow it down at all, I suppose I do have the rest of my life to investigate these and discover them but in truth at times I feel I am a little older to be starting again still God is more than able to put me in the right place and help me get on the right path..... It is the chance for an exciting new start!