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It has been an amazing summer in many ways, it seems so long ago!  I had the awesome possibility to be involved in two missions the first was in Liverpool which was called JESUS LOVES, it was a great time of equipping and the times we had with Jesus were very special in deed there was a kind of glory hanging in that room which looked like a cabin.  We went onto the streets telling the people in Bootle in particular about Jesus, we set up in a park with a small tent and band handing out balloons and popcorn,flowers we also were doing face painting for the children as well as worshipping in the park.  A highlight for me was when I decided to clear the park where we were with of litter and a few young boys offered to help me I was so touched.  Then they proceeded to ask me where I was from so I explained that I was from Manchester and that God had sent me to Liverpool because he wanted to show them that he loved them so much!  They were both amused and a little intrigued about this.  A l…