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It has been an amazing summer in many ways, it seems so long ago!  I had the awesome possibility to be involved in two missions the first was in Liverpool which was called JESUS LOVES, it was a great time of equipping and the times we had with Jesus were very special in deed there was a kind of glory hanging in that room which looked like a cabin.  We went onto the streets telling the people in Bootle in particular about Jesus, we set up in a park with a small tent and band handing out balloons and popcorn,flowers we also were doing face painting for the children as well as worshipping in the park.  A highlight for me was when I decided to clear the park where we were with of litter and a few young boys offered to help me I was so touched.  Then they proceeded to ask me where I was from so I explained that I was from Manchester and that God had sent me to Liverpool because he wanted to show them that he loved them so much!  They were both amused and a little intrigued about this.  A l…

Back to School

I am now working for Trinity High School full time which came about in quite an amazing way! I started as a teaching assistant at Trinity High School in September after trying a string of admin jobs none of which my heart was in. I thought that going back to learning support having done YWAM was a step backwards but I was very wrong.  I always loved working in schools and in the long run this all might lead to a job in teaching!
Back in October I applied for the job I am doing now and did not get it at that point however the deputy was very impressed with me and they wanted to try to offer me something. So they said if they could get the funding they would offer me a part-time position. That day I was quite disappointed but despite what I could see in the natural I felt that God was saying that I would be working there full time permanent before too long. In the meantime I worked at a few primary school which I didn't really enjoy the kids I deal with now have far more attitude bu…