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A.R.T Antics
USMM Graduation

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Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Someone who Loves God with I am a bubbly lively person who loves meeting people and loves God with all their heart and trys to put God first always. Someone who has a calling to work with young people and the arts. I have a heart for urban missionary work I am called to build the kingdom.


It has been an amazing summer in many ways, it seems so long ago!  I had the awesome possibility to be involved in two missions the first was in Liverpool which was called JESUS LOVES, it was a great time of equipping and the times we had with Jesus were very special in deed there was a kind of glory hanging in that room which looked like a cabin.  We went onto the streets telling the people in Bootle in particular about Jesus, we set up in a park with a small tent and band handing out balloons and popcorn,flowers we also were doing face painting for the children as well as worshipping in the park.  A highlight for me was when I decided to clear the park where we were with of litter and a few young boys offered to help me I was so touched.  Then they proceeded to ask me where I was from so I explained that I was from Manchester and that God had sent me to Liverpool because he wanted to show them that he loved them so much!  They were both amused and a little intrigued about this.  A little later on with a local lad I was able to invite them to the kids club a local church was running on the estate and even the young lad who was a bit skeptical seemed interested in coming especially as he was coming up to the age when he would be a youth and not a child so he could go to youth instead of the kids club!  I also got invited underneath a slide where a small group of girls were hanging out I had passed them earlier on and they had seemed quite hard to reach so I silently prayed that the Lord would help me reach them and a short time later with the same local lad we went to sit with them we told them about Jesus we played them some worship music and they let us pray for different situations in their lives this was a very special time indeed!  I forgot to mention that I prayed for a little boy with a poorly knee and he got healed he was so excited about what Jesus had done for him.  I truly believe that God is going to use that little boy to make such a massive impact on his estate.  Other times during that week we spent some time in a shopping centre, went on to the streets door knocking in one place we got invited in by a gentleman who was very depressed we prayed for him and I believe we definitely left some hope there.  I prayed for a man for his feet to grow don't know if he got healed but what I do know is that JESUS LOVES prepared me for the following week and has helped me to become BOLDER and BOLDER of course there is still some way to go but he is making me into the Lion that he has shown me he wants me to become!

The meetings were amazing the evening I remember the most was the fire tunnel that as women we created to bless the men it was a really powerful time.  I can honestly say I have never been so drunk in the spirit as I was that night, being filled up with the spirit happened regularly during the conference.  I believe God really started to plant something of joy in me throughout that time and I have really needed this ever since. The Joy of the Lord continues to be my strength He is good no matter what happens around or to us :)

Back to School

I am now working for Trinity High School full time which came about in quite an amazing way! I started as a teaching assistant at Trinity High School in September after trying a string of admin jobs none of which my heart was in. I thought that going back to learning support having done YWAM was a step backwards but I was very wrong.  I always loved working in schools and in the long run this all might lead to a job in teaching!
Back in October I applied for the job I am doing now and did not get it at that point however the deputy was very impressed with me and they wanted to try to offer me something. So they said if they could get the funding they would offer me a part-time position. That day I was quite disappointed but despite what I could see in the natural I felt that God was saying that I would be working there full time permanent before too long. In the meantime I worked at a few primary school which I didn't really enjoy the kids I deal with now have far more attitude but for some strange reason I prefer secondary schools.
So to cut a long story short it wasn't long before I was back at my original school covering sick. Basically then two people resigned and I got given one of the positions working with Year 10 and 11 mainly so much more responisibility than beforre the other girl who was refused the job in the beginning got given a full time jb the same time as me. Quite a tremendous story and I can see Gods fngerprints all over the circumstances.
I have now been there for six months I truely believe I am light in the darkness I want to make even  more of an impact. It is a struggle trying to motivate the kids to work hard for their GCSE's unfortunately they don't see the importance of them which is extremely frustrating and I can't do anything about it apart from pray!

Until now I kind of felt alone as a Christian although there are some others on the team who say they go to church but I wasn't too sure of their relationship with God but a few weeks ago a girl started called Natasha and she is great turns out she is a Christian and a passionate one at that looking for a church and wants to come to mine. So this was a great turn around and then last week I found a very good friend from Church in the staff room.  I called a prayer meeting for a situation with a family at school in the chapel something I had not been able to do in the past until now and called one of the other girls who was already there and she joined us to pray and it turns out that she too is really Christian. So excited about the possibilities now at work.  God is so good this is something I have been praying for, for a while since I have been there.

So that is school but there is lots more going on in my life I have been able to find an awesome Church where God is doing so much and I have come there at a time when everything I have stood for or learnt about in the past is coming into the Church.  I feel like I have a family and it is amazing how last year when I came to Manchester I slotted right in automatically God had truly prepared a place for me!
After so many years I am living with my parents and I pray it won't be like that for too long but saying that I feel very much at home in Manchester.  I do miss my latin friends and speaking Spanish all them time but the times I have spoken Spanish I still seem to remember it so hopefully it will stay with me.

Since being in Manchester again I have got into Bethel teaching and Bill Johnson and Co's books in some ways similar to what I was learning with YWAM there is a great emphasis on the Supernatural and praying for people for healing.  I feel like I have grown so much I probably pray for people once a week for some kind of sickness even at work not the pupils of course but the staff.

At the moment I am seeking and God is encouraging me to have more faith. Especially in regards to my family he is willing and able to both change them and bring them through to salvation.

God has opened some amazing doors in terms of my art I recently had a launch in Salford in a pub which is near Manchester city centre.  My prayer is that this is just the beginning of God using my art it is really exciting because my prayer as always been that I would be able to put them in dark places where they can shine, which is exactly what they are doing. So this is a first because before they have have been in exhibitions in churches ones that we had connections with.  I have had them up in a couple  of libraries in London.

The exhibition is on for another 5 weeks at http://futureartists.co.uk/2011/09/24/future-artists-black-lion-pub-salford-cinema-cafe-bar-and-theatre-arts-space/

Black Lion
65 Chapel Street

I am also getting to do lots of  evangelism........