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Almost the greatest love story ever told according to Angela and Reggie Episode 2

Fast forward eight months where there had been a little interaction in between but not enough for me to think anything of it. The last weekend of February he called me on video chat and showed me what he was having for dinner and his apartment which was huge and quite smart. I throught to myself he's got it a bit more together than what I've given him credit for. We had a nice chat and organised to see each other the following weekend when he was over for a conference he was preaching at. In the end the only time we could meet was on Sunday evening after my church meeting. So the following Sunday I went to the what is called home meeting to catch up with him or so I thought.  Instead all I got out of him was "It's so good to see you over and over." Then he preceded to talk to one of my younger pretty friends who I was convinced he liked. After all why was he talking to her?  Actually the opposite was true he really liked me and was so nervous he couldn't get hi…