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Urban missionary of a different variety

They say it's after you complete a bible course that the real learning kicks in and I think they are right. The truth is I now have a lot more light, that means a lot more responsibility for my actions than I was before. So although at the moment I work in the corporate world even though we provide a public service I believe myself to be an urban missionary. Since starting there almost 6 months ago I have learnt so much. I don't think I was totally aware how the world thought. In lots of ways I've been in Christian surrounding for quite sometime with Ywam and doing the bible school last year. So in some ways it has been a refreshing change being in the real world so to speak. I'm continually reminded that most people's thoughts are on money, it's what most people talk about that together with getting as many material objects as possible. Buying items is talked about as a necessity rather than a luxury. Now I have been buying a few more things because I have a …