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Noel time News

I haven't seen snow as thick as this I believe since I was three years old, there are pictures of me in a little coat in the snow.  So despite the chaos it has caused on the roads there is something beautiful about the way everything turns to white around us.  Of course Christmas is not about the snow or about the presents under the tree or even the tree all of which I really enjoy.  Christmas is all about hospitality making room for Jesus in our lives a reminder of what we should do all the time.  His name is the message of salvation IMMANUEL, GOD IS WITH US, this is what gives us Hope!

So I wanted to give you a little idea of what I have been doing just in the last month. As part of Wildfire Kings Kids we ran a day for young people to connect with each other and be open to be a generation who will be on the frontline of the battle not at the back.  Our young people need a purpose to live for it is our responsibilty to release them into this.  I have been translating and cooking f…