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Snippets of Ange antics

Last weekend was very busy for both myself and the church as we had two wedding in the same day. Lisa Burrell got married to a sweet Nigerian young man. Myself and Yvonne set up the reception and the decorations the night before which was great to help out in some way. I even helped out on the day cutting up melons and shifting people in and out of the venue. It was a beautiful day with both bride and groom singing to each other, there was not a dry eye in the house.  The first wedding had not already finished before the second bridal party arrived. Ishiqua and Aaron were the second wedding which was quite different to the first and the bare seemed to be extremely relaxed and laughing and joking all the time throughout the ceremony. Then if that wasn’t enough weddings a couple where I was the guy in question’s Alpha course leader got married on Sunday. So as you can imagine after this weekend I am all wedding out. Still I have lot of ideas for the future now. ---------------------…

Moments from my life

Not seen much of my flat recently, been out quite a lot, which is not unusual. I do love living on my own though, it’s great to come back to there at the end of the day. My flat is really lovely and cosy, it’s great to be able to have people round and to be able to cook. I know that these seem like normal things but I’ve not been in this position before. On Saturday we had a picnic in our local country park; Clifton Country Park it was really. Sadly I had issues with my back that day but I got to talk to a very interesting lady who has just come to the church. Then afterwards we had a 30th birthday party at jump nation which is a trampoline park. She said that she wanted to bounce into her 30’s, it was exhausting I was tried after 20 minutes. Finally my second birthday was much more civilised we went to dimities and then cloud 23 where the views are absolutely amazing. The weekend was rounded off by leading worship at Salford. This weekend is going to be a lot quieter.

Spanish escapades day three

It's amazing how long time seems on holiday, it's as if time stands still. Monday was a great day we spent sometime on the beach watching two new friends as they parasailed over the sea. One of my new friends from London decided that on our last day we should go back and ride a banana boat. As I can't swim something to be conquered very soon. I took one look at the boat and decided there was no way on earth I was getting on that boat as it looked very unstable and I was sure I would be thrown off. She did talk me into agreeing to go onto the boat that pulled the banana boat.
We decided to go on an adventure to the lighthouse that we had heard about. Only we decided to embark on this adventure in the midday sun. One of the group decided we should find somewhere to shelter which I decided was a fab idea because I didn't want to turn into a crab as I burn very easily. I had to wear a top over my shoulders so I didn't burn even though it was baking hot. Our walk led us…