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Last weekend was very busy for both myself and the church as we had two wedding in the same day. Lisa Burrell got married to a sweet Nigerian young man. Myself and Yvonne set up the reception and the decorations the night before which was great to help out in some way. I even helped out on the day cutting up melons and shifting people in and out of the venue. It was a beautiful day with both bride and groom singing to each other, there was not a dry eye in the house.  The first wedding had not already finished before the second bridal party arrived. Ishiqua and Aaron were the second wedding which was quite different to the first and the bare seemed to be extremely relaxed and laughing and joking all the time throughout the ceremony. Then if that wasn’t enough weddings a couple where I was the guy in question’s Alpha course leader got married on Sunday. So as you can imagine after this weekend I am all wedding out. Still I have lot of ideas for the future now.
Once again it is quite a busy time for me indeed, tonight is VIP and as I write this the amazing team which God has provided as come to help me set up. I have been doing some last minute bits for tonight. You wouldn’t believe the paper work which goes into the night. I try to be organised a possible. Tonight, it is the men’s one so Obi is leading the night and I can be in the background just coordinating the clear up mainly.

Tomorrow I am going to a conference called Jesus Loves my friends you may remember Rachel and Judah Cole who now run Open Well Liverpool run. I am an outreach team leader and I am also on the ministry team which is quite exciting. It will be great to get onto the streets and share my testimony and the gospel, I am leading the team with a young man who is on fire who will be of great inspiration to myself and the others. 

I was off work last week because my Dutch Jesus loving crazy boyfriend was around. Yeah that’s right I have a boyfriend. It’s been a whirlwind and I keep pinching myself, I suppose I am telling you because I know you have been faithfully been praying for me in this area. We went to Southport with the Fifties plus group where we caused quite a stir haha. We wanted to go to the beach again but  we didn’t make it to Formby or Crosby as I had planned so hoping to do that in September or October when he is back. I had a lovely time on my birthday, me and Reggie were joined by my best friend Lydia Nelson, we went to the art gallery which was lovely and had coffee and cake in the café and then went to GBK which is one of mine and Lydia’s favourite places to go out to eat. Then in evening me and Reggie dressed for dinner and found a little Italian with our favourite music and afterwards a little cocktail bar we had to ourselves. It was actually really lovely and the first of it’s kind for me 😉

My new challenge is to find couples to hang out with but we made a start with this by hanging out with our very own Bea and Tinashe on Wednesday. He’s back in Holland now but he was ministering at a conference in Ireland over the weekend. As he moves over in a month he has a lot to and I am going over this weekend to see him, help and meet the parents.

Since I wrote to you last I have had a trip to Holland or should I say the Netherlands which is actually not the same, I know I thought they were. Holland is the region and the Netherlands is the country, nice geography lesson for you.
Then the weekend after I went to east Sussex where we had a weekend long party for my aunty who turned 60 a few months ago. All I can say is, it’s a good job that I like hiking as it was that kind of holiday, I think I racked up just under 15 miles.
We were even involved in the birling gap chemical spillage you might have seen on the news bank holiday Sunday. We were on the beach coming up with loads of reasons why our eyes were all stinging. After some of my family had been in the sea for a bit of a dip, we decided that the stinging was too much. When we climbed the stairs back up to the top there were firemen with masks on and fire engines, even incident wagons. We spoke to one of the officers on the way to the car and we asked what was going on, he told us that there had been some kind of chemical leak. He told us to get out of there as quick as we could and get home. We realised how serious this was when we spotted police cars blocking the roads as we were driving back to the village we were staying at.

Back in Manchester we had the extreme weekend which sounds like went really well with many people reached during the days in the parks in Higher Blackley and Wythenshawe.  I know that I spent a whole day making tool kits for evangelism.

I am excited that the church is now going to be raring to go in evangelism. 


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