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Almost the greatest love story ever told according to Angela and Reggieepisode 1

Almost 4 years ago I met a young Dutch man who little did I know that a few years later would become the protagonist in my love story. At almost 39 I was beginning to have doubts that I would ever have a love story to tell. I had experienced many encounters with a catalogue of guys but never anything serious as now. I had got close to serious a couple of times both times with Nigerians. I was almost convinced that I was going to marry an African or at least a guy of black ethnicity. A few years ago when I lived and lived with Latins I thought the person would be of Latin heritage. However Dutch was not on my list a friend had jokingly said I was going to marry a German well I guess they were close in geography at least. I met this young man at Jesus loves in 2014 where I was on the team as outreach leader and on the ministry team. I remember this young man bounding up to me instantly making friends with. I remember he was larger than life extremely friendly and was kind of bouncing of…