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Moving forward step by step!!

I want to start by saying God is so good even when all the events don't go in your favour. Since coming back to England I have embarked on a new life and in some ways a new relationship with Jesus. Of course I knew him before. I think it is true that the more you get closer to Jesus the more you realise you don't know him or that there is so much to know!!

KINGDOM ROLE Back in August I felt God say that I wouldn't be out of work again that I would have work from then on. In August I decided to go back to the job I had done before I was in YWAM. I really do now wish that I had had this idea in January or February when I started looking for work in Manchester.  If I am honest it was pride and fear that stopped me looking into this line of work as I felt it would be like going backwards how wrong I was.
In September I started working at Trinity High School as a Teaching Assistant. An agency got me the position, if I look back it was quite miraculous that I got the job because I …