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My Life Story - Uncut Part two

So I didn't do very well academically at primary school and I don't remember going so much quite alone and bullied all the time. Despite all of this I don't remember being a particularly unhappy child I always seem to have a smile on my face in photos.  I was very quiet though and probably had very low self esteem although you can't put such feelings into words when you are seven.
Now Secondary school was quite a different story when I thought about it whilst I was in Argentina  I realised it coincided with when I got involved in the church again.
Now I was brought up as a Catholic and as I mentioned early on I did go to Sunday school.  Each school or college I went to was catholic so I always had these foundations in some ways helpful and in other ways not.  I always remember believing in Jesus that he died on the Cross rose again and I always prayed it was never an issue however at the same time I did not have any revelation of Jesus nor of a relationship of Jesus etc.…

My Life Story - Uncut Part One

I have been thinking of writing my life story for some time, in fact I have felt the Holy Spirit leading me to do this perhaps that is the reason why I haven't managed to start it tonight. There may be some additions to it as the Lord brings more accounts of my life back to my memory.  I especially feel compelled to write that as I want to batten down some specifics of when I became a Christian and some of those important landmarks in my life.
So here goes brace yourself this won't be a short read but I will try and put it into digestible chunks and you may find it in parts so here goes Part one  0-14yrs

I don't remember much of my early childhood I have vague memories of being on a tricycle at my Gran's house.  I remember running into the corner of a television when I was three I still have the mark to prove it and playing on a dog on wheels and a horse I think that is how I managed to crack my elbow when I was 5, isn't it funny the way your brain remembers the acci…