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Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Someone who Loves God with I am a bubbly lively person who loves meeting people and loves God with all their heart and trys to put God first always. Someone who has a calling to work with young people and the arts. I have a heart for urban missionary work I am called to build the kingdom.

My Life Story - Uncut Part two

So I didn't do very well academically at primary school and I don't remember going so much quite alone and bullied all the time. Despite all of this I don't remember being a particularly unhappy child I always seem to have a smile on my face in photos.  I was very quiet though and probably had very low self esteem although you can't put such feelings into words when you are seven.
Now Secondary school was quite a different story when I thought about it whilst I was in Argentina  I realised it coincided with when I got involved in the church again.
Now I was brought up as a Catholic and as I mentioned early on I did go to Sunday school.  Each school or college I went to was catholic so I always had these foundations in some ways helpful and in other ways not.  I always remember believing in Jesus that he died on the Cross rose again and I always prayed it was never an issue however at the same time I did not have any revelation of Jesus nor of a relationship of Jesus etc.  It was simply religion which I followed but it led me later on to greater deeper faith and ultimately a relationship with Jesus.
So here I was 1st year of Secondary school and I realised where I was academically.  Now at primary school I knew I wasn't doing so well academically and I didn't think I was very clever all of which I refute now I have a completely different perception of myself more of a godly one. Anyway I found myself in the second to bottom class with people who had severe behavioural problems or learning difficulties and I it was the reality check I needed.  I must have said to myself what am I doing here?

At that point I must have made a decision I don't remember actually doing that but I know that I started to work really hard and term by term I moved up sets until I was in the top class apart from maths.  It was such a sense of achievement. Now if I think about it this was about the same time I started to get involved in church again.
I was a some kind of fair at the local Catholic church hall and I met the lady from the guides I got invited to join and it all started from there.  We would have to go to services at the Catholic church for trooping of the colour something like that and somehow I got invited to be part of the choir as I always enjoyed singing and still do now.  I would listed to the sermons from the priest and think well that sounds good but there has to be more than this.  That's when my Gran started to invite me to activities at her Church which was the Methodist Church I had been to when I was little.

First I started going to Harvest suppers, and then the services.  I was having so much fun I found people who accepted and loved me something I had not experienced before.  This was the beginning in many ways of my journey.  At the same time I made friends at school and I was doing a lot better at school life was getting better there was though quite a lot of conflict at home.  I started to enjoy life especially with my new life in the church however I still had this underlying rejection which affected my behaviour but Jesus was starting to heal me this would be a long process which continues today and will carry on for the rest of my life

My Life Story - Uncut Part One

I have been thinking of writing my life story for some time, in fact I have felt the Holy Spirit leading me to do this perhaps that is the reason why I haven't managed to start it tonight. There may be some additions to it as the Lord brings more accounts of my life back to my memory.  I especially feel compelled to write that as I want to batten down some specifics of when I became a Christian and some of those important landmarks in my life.
So here goes brace yourself this won't be a short read but I will try and put it into digestible chunks and you may find it in parts so here goes Part one  0-14yrs

I don't remember much of my early childhood I have vague memories of being on a tricycle at my Gran's house.  I remember running into the corner of a television when I was three I still have the mark to prove it and playing on a dog on wheels and a horse I think that is how I managed to crack my elbow when I was 5, isn't it funny the way your brain remembers the accidents but I guess it would have been quite traumatic for a little 5 year old.

I am grateful to my gran for many things in my life and she certainly was a very important influence and role model in my life. Up till the age of 7 she took both my brother and me to a Sunday School at the local Methodist  Church which would figure strongly later in the story.  However when I was seven my mother decided that due to the fact that she was a Catholic she wanted us to be brought up in the Catholic Church and going to a Methodist Church might confuse matters.  I remember being given these books which were awarded to my brother and me, I am  not entirely sure for what.  Still I think those early foundations had much to do with the reason I turned to a true faith and later would totally give my life to Jesus.
I even think that God uses some of the foundations that I was taught in the Catholic church to draw me to him later on in my life.

Another thing I remember being part of my life from a very early age was art I remember painting from before I can remember it was always something I could do and something others said I could do.
I don't remember much about infant school I just remember a trip we went on to Staley Bridge with the YOC (Young Onthologists Club) recently I found a magazine produced by the school where both my brother and me have written an article.
The truth is I don't remember a whole lot about school and that would be due to the fact I didn't go very much  throughout Infants and Junior school.  Due to my lack of attendance I was always extremely behind and this led to bullying when I did go to school.  I also think I was bullied for two other reasons my hair I have always been very blonde so I was called 'White hair' I wore glasses from early age too so I got called 'speckie fore eyes' along with generally being treated as not being very clever.  Personal hygiene was never a value at home so I think this didn't help.  My general self esteem was at an all time low besides the bullying I didn't have any friends one or two a some points in time but not really anyone who wanted to be my friend in many ways a very sorry state of affairs.
My memories of school are sitting on a wall drawing in a sketch pad.
That little seven year old girl was rejected in every sense of the word both at school and at home in may ways. Being a typically working class English family there was very little demonstration of love or even words of affirmation or 'I love you.  Perhaps this is seen as normal for many families but I would say that that amount of lack of affection and affirmation is extremely detrimental to a persons emotional development.  It is so important for us to tell those who are nearest and dearest to us and especially our children how much we love them and how amazing they are.
The other myth is 'Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.'  What absolute rubbish harsh words from both other school pupils teachers and parents are imprinted onto our hearts until the Lord comes years later and wipes them away.  They often contribute to the way we think of ourselves years later.  It has taken me years and years to unlearn some of the coping mechanisms I developed in those early days of my life and I am still coming across patterns of behaviour which need changing.

Despite not doing very well at primary school Like I said before Art was always something I could do and because of this my favourite teacher was a lady called Mrs Milichorus (thats probably not how you spell it I just remember her being Polish or something) She gave me loads of affirmation because she was an artist too.

Even though I don't remember having any friends at school at home on the street I had quite a few so my memories of hanging out in the local field which is now a housing estate and generally playing out seem to remember something like playing tigg.  Out of school I think I was even in brownies too but I guess I didn't go so much if I was always off school.  I will carry on writing tomorrow nxt part is coming ...........