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No one wants to be on their own and one way or other we all want to be part of a community.  I think that is what I have enjoyed the most about the last ten years as I have had the honour to be part of a few of communities whilst I was in Argentina and even here in England.  I am convinced that community is our original design no man was ever meant to be an island. Unfortunately the phrase 'a man's house is his castle' has kind of backfired because this is the case for many people having seemingly everything they need they don't come out of their castles which in many ways have become prisons.
I used to be really into Soap Operas and I have to be honest that I am still drawn in by them and a little while a go I realised why that is!   I remember watching these soaps or similar programmes always thinking ooh I would love to be there with them.  They all seem to know each other and are in and out of each others lives.  There doesn't seem to be any lonely people they a…

Unexpected moments in Manchester

If you had told me this time last year that I would be in Manchester the following year full time and living with my parents I would have said you were absolutely crazy there was no way I could or would want to do that and of course God would never ask me to do that.  Well that was then and this is now and I am writing this from my parents living room where I have been living for the last three months.  So I guess I am taking an unexpected sabbatical from YWAM and full time ministry where God is teaching me sooo much!
I haven't lived in Manchester full time for 13 years suffice to say my Manchester knowledge and geography is extremely limited and people who have been around only recently can give me better directions than I would be able to!!
I remember when I was in Argentina I had three things on my mind concerning England and they were my parents, the state of my nation and the fact that I didn't have a home church.  I have to say I hadn't connected any of this with the f…