Unexpected moments in Manchester

If you had told me this time last year that I would be in Manchester the following year full time and living with my parents I would have said you were absolutely crazy there was no way I could or would want to do that and of course God would never ask me to do that.  Well that was then and this is now and I am writing this from my parents living room where I have been living for the last three months.  So I guess I am taking an unexpected sabbatical from YWAM and full time ministry where God is teaching me sooo much!
I haven't lived in Manchester full time for 13 years suffice to say my Manchester knowledge and geography is extremely limited and people who have been around only recently can give me better directions than I would be able to!!
I remember when I was in Argentina I had three things on my mind concerning England and they were my parents, the state of my nation and the fact that I didn't have a home church.  I have to say I hadn't connected any of this with the fact that I was in debt and recently I had been crying out to God to do something about it!

So as I look back now I can see how he has answered each one of those prayers and so many more.  I don't have a job at the moment but did until recently and I am sure I will get another one soon.  I am living with my parents and then I have seen how God has planted me in a local church here which is actually quite bit but despite this I have some good friends there.
Then there is the state of my nation well I haven't been able to do a huge amount of that yet but I can see how I could make a difference in the future I certainly am more up with what's happening than I ever have been before but perhaps that is thanks to Twitter!!!!

Since being here I have received a massive passion for who Jesus is in a way I haven't before and a far greater heart for evangelism and seeing people come into the kingdom and peoples lives totally transformed.  Being kind of outside of YWAM or at least not having any kind of meetings in some ways a passion has risen inside of me to be engaged even more in evangelism whether that was at work or go out on the streets or even chat to random people who I meet during my day!

So God has begun to do amazing things with the debt issue and my finances, he has also surprised me with other little things like for example I was on the train from Sheffield to Manchester and I said to the Lord how I would really like to see more of the countryside or go walking.  The following Sunday my friend tells me how she is planning a couple of walks.
I even felt that God picked the exact job for me as it was a place in complete turmoil as their jobs were in the balance as the company had lost the contract they were working on so many people didn't know if they would be able to keep their jobs now I didn't really have any counselling type conversations in regards to that but I did have some great conversations with some people there!  My job ended just in time for me to be able to visit my best friend for her Bday which was a huge Blessings.  When I got there I felt like it was my birthday as well as there were a few things I had left behind like my Blackberry and my beautiful pink coat!
Then there was my contacts all of which had split just before I got there these are the kind of things which show me that God is really interested in the little details in my life.

The funniest thing happened the other day as I was in London at the YWAM house I was able to lay my hands on a guitar the first time in seven months wonderful. As I came to the end of a jam sessh I said to the Lord how I would like a guitar well it was a reminder really not that the Lords needs reminding but well anyway two minutes later my phone rang and it was my Dad he says to me "I hear you've been asking for a guitar" As I came off the phone I thought was my Dad in that conversation I just had with God, did God tell my Dad I wanted one.  It is true that we had talked about it before but the timing was so uncanny!

So as I said before I am sort of on Sabbatical but of course no Christian should take time off when it comes to bringing in the kingdom and telling people the gospel and discipling others and I've been involved in a couple of treasure hunts I also am meeting up with someone for Bible study.

I am sure as the months go on before I go back to Argentina to finish my Counselling school there will be many more stories!!


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