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Rediscovering childlike imagination

There is something I have been pondering for a while and that is the world of the child and the imagination. I have thought about the world of the artist and how it links into the spiritual many times. As an artist and a christian I have come to realise in my own journey that Art is a most spiritual thing and imagination is a gateway into the spiritual. The many paintings I have produced have been ones that I have captured through prayer. I have said that painting is a kind of praying. I believe that I have interacted with the spiritual world through my painting which I will embark on once again in the near future.
It's funny the way that we seem to do away with imagination when we get into our adult years as if it does not have any use to us anymore. We relegate imagination to our kindergarten years, it's like we are scared of our imaginations. So we put our imagination in a box at the back of our minds and pretend we do t need it or want it. Because we have filed it away so …