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God's sense of humor LOL

Back in January when I found myself in Manchester apparently stranded in transit waiting to carry on the rest of my course.  However my life was about to take an interesting turn.  In the previous months I had been pleading with God to sort my finances out.  We need to be so careful of what we pray as God really will take us at our word. Sometimes it is only by his grace that we don't get what we asked for!!
I remember writing one email and I mentioned as I often did the prayer point of getting out of debt however this time there were repercussions that I wasn't banking on. LOL!
I had an email from an old friend encouraging me to do something about it, as I mentioned it to a few people they were convinced that God had got me there to do something about it. In the following months God would make it very clear as he paved the way showing me that it was time to sort this area of my life out.
The first miracle was being lent the money to clear off my credit cards so that meant no mo…

Kingdom of God and the BIG SOCIETY

I have been very impressed by the way the Archbishop spoke out against many of the policies that the government is pushing forward at the moment which are all based around the cuts.

The Archbishop is standing up for the poor which is what we are called to do, however I can't say I completely agree with what he said.  There isn't any money and that is why there are huge cuts and they are always going to be painful. 
A Bishop in response to The Archbishop of Canterbury said that another name for the Big Society was the Kingdom of God.  As the church it is our calling to reach out and meet the needs of the poor.

When I heard about the cuts a couple of months ago I thought to myself what an amazing opportunity we have as God's people to stand in the gap.  Many government services are going to be cut and perhaps completely removed.  We have in many ways been living in luxury our Health Service is one …