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Some thoughts on the incredible Christmas story!

I have been thinking about the true meaning of Christmas for the last few weeks.  I have especially been focusing on the part of the shepherds and the wise men.
If you think about it God chooses some very unlikely people to witness and to announce the birth of a king and the Saviour of the world such as shepherds and some new age kings from the east.
However they are not as strange guests as you might think at first. I believe that these two groups of royal guests were a prophetic look into the future... Shepherds are mentioned all the way through the Old testament many of the main players throughout history at some point were shepherds showing that Shepherds are people very close to God's heart.  Shepherds have incredible characteristics which are reminiscent of what Jesus says we should be like and later on in the letters from Paul. In my mind both shepherds and sheep depict a picture of humility and a kind of lowliness.  Shepherds were at the bottom of the social ladder, they w…