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A.R.T Antics
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Manchester, United Kingdom
I am Someone who Loves God with I am a bubbly lively person who loves meeting people and loves God with all their heart and trys to put God first always. Someone who has a calling to work with young people and the arts. I have a heart for urban missionary work I am called to build the kingdom.


Hello Folks 

Just wanted to send you an update on what is going on with me!  Well I am still in Manchester staying with my parents. Keeping up with the projects and journal I have to do for my counselling course which I am in the middle of. To recap I am here in England waiting for my leader to get her visa for the EU she is from Zambia it has been a long process so far.
On Monday she is going to the Italian Embassy once again so please would pray for miracles and the will of God.

I am taking advantage of being here in England and I will do so as long as I am here in terms of raising finances to pay off debt etc.  Whether I am here until next week or until the end of February I will still need to do one month of outreach in Argentina which actually be quite exciting although I will end up graduating one or two months after everyone else but I look forward to do counselling in Argentina and as I am not planning to leave YWAM just my role will stay the same as a student for a little longer. God has a plan and reasons for all this because as I have said before I know God is in the fact that I am in England and Manchester I believe he even arranged it.

Whether I end up going Latvia or not I will be going back to Argentina at the beginning of March and I have nearly half of the money for it but I still need to find the rest for the flight which is between £520 - £750.  Then there is my living costs back in Argentina and then when I am staff to over there.  Not sure what I will be doing but I am quite sure I will be working in the area of counselling, evangelism and the Arts.

I am also looking to build up my support base I am looking for people to commit to £20 per month which you can do in a number of ways detailed down below.
Please pray for these next few months of the outreach whether I spend the next month here and the following months in Argentina.  If I do end up in England for the next month pray it will be as productive as possible in every sense.

Please continue praying for my family as God continues to work in their lives as I believe he is doing whether I can see it or not.

I have also been building some online shops which I am posting the web-page http://www.etsy.com/shop/arthompsonart  again my blog is

A.R.T. Antics
Join me on the journey of my life which sometimes feels like a roller - coaster no two days are the same I am learning to enjoy life and this is a glimpse of me!

You can donate by going to and entering my email address daretobedifferent78@hotmail.com 
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My bank details are the following
Miss A Thompson 
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If you would like to give monthly you can donate through Stewardship which I can send you at a later date

Thank you to all those praying for me, and all those who have supported me financially I couldn't do this without you all!

Many Blessings 


Heaven to earth!!!!

I have had the privilege to work in a cartonero settlement for the last three months in Buenos Aires which has been a real eye opener. Cartonera is a spanish word and it is basically a trade that appeared at the time of the economic crisis in and continues in Argentina to this day. Cartonera comes from the word Carton which means cardboard. Basically there are men who lost their jobs and even careers at the time of the crisis when basically the working class people in Argentina dropped off the map. So these men go around the city with huge wagons that they pull manually collecting cardboard that people leave outside their houses which the dustbin men don't pick up.  Even though it is recognised as a job and it isn't illegal they are treated with a lot of contempt.  It is back breaking work and there isn't huge amounts of return for their work
Some of the families of these workers live in an area which we call Patetnal where the people have set up home on a disused piece of land that has been taken over and inhabited unfortunately it is illegal and these people's homes could be demolished at any second.  They sprang up all over Argentina just after the crisis and have been around ever since.
It is an amazing place at first glance you might think it was just a dump site, there is a huge amount of rubbish around which the houses are actually built out of.  There are some houses which are shacks and there is complete garbage and no sense of a home however there are other houses which have electricity, sanitation, sofas carpets and rooms where they are continuing to build.  I don't know how they manage to get these resource however despite their poverty they are people of ingenuity.  There is even a family where they seem to be running a business they have a parking station for the wagons and they seem to have like a little shop!
            I have noticed that most Argentines are capable of making a business out of anything when there isn't a trade they will invent it seemingly out of nothing.

We have ran a few events in this place and we regularly visit the people who live there and with some families we are making some amazing head way giving them bibles, evangelising to the people there and starting to discipling them.  The more I am exposed to people with such backgrounds I understand more and more why God wanted me to do the counselling school .  Despite the environment they live in they just get on with it and it is normal life.  You often find kids wandering around or youths with hanging out not doing much.  However the people there have welcomed us into their community and they are incredible hospitable. Despite the poverty despair and garbage I find the place as a strange kind of beauty and I look forward to forging stronger friendships with the people there and also see how heaven can come to Earth in such places


Hey Peeps

I am in England at the moment waiting to see whether I will be carrying my journey on to Eastern Europe Latvia and then Italy afterwards before returning to Argentina at the beginning of March

I am writing this from my mum and Dad's living room in Manchester and despite the present confusing circumstances I am glad to be here because being here is an answer to a prayer I made to God before I chose to  go to Argentina to do the counselling school.  I remember saying to God when he made it clear to me that I had to go back to South America 'but Lord what about my parents.?' Here I am less than four months later in my house in Manchester.
The way God got me back here was an absolute miracle as well he found me a flight where there were no flights.

In December England was in chaos with the extreme winter conditions so when I started ringing the agency I bought the flight with it took me an age to get through and quite often I would get cut off because the connection was not great.  When I finally did get through I was told that the only flight that existed was on 23rd January next week and it would cost £2000 plus a fee of 150 EUROS to change the flight and it wasn't even from Buenos Aires it was from Sao Paulo so I would need to find the money for the flight to Brazil.  Thank you but no thank you I got off that call very disappointed I could not see a way forward.

Then the base leader of the house suggested I went straight to the TAM office in Centre of Buenos Aires to see if they would change the flight directly I was very reluctant but thought well I have nothing to lose so I went with a friend and as she was Argentine I let her do all the talking. She did, didn't even mention the agency with whom I bought the ticket online but there were no tickets and any that did were of astronomical prices.  At that point I shot a prayer up to heaven 'Lord I know there is nothing but find me something in the system.' My friend had a brain wave she asked if there was anything from Sao Paulo at that moment she found a flight which left on 11th Jan last week.

So then I had to find a flight to Brazil and I realised as I searched for flights that the cheapest would be Friday that would mean 4 days in Brazil Sao Paulo a friend I had not seen or spoken to for six years just happened to be online so I arranged to stay at her house and to top it off her dad invited me to preach at his church on the Sunday night.

I ended up in Campinas which is about 2 hours from Sao Paulo and I was quite surprised at how developed Brazil was there seemed to be less poverty in Brazil than I thought there would be.  I was assured by my friend that Brazil was in the emerging countries groups.  The real is stronger than the Peso in Argentina and the prices are not as high as Argentina.  I preached on Sunday night on Obedience and I was nervous at first as it was the first church I had been invited to preach in that had nothing to do with an outreach. As I started to tell my stories of historical Christian transformers I began to enjoy being there preaching I became more natural passionate and I ended up preaching for 1hr 40 mins but that was with translation. Mental note next time take a watch or mobile.  Thankfully when the pastor started to give me a nod I was finishing.