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"To each there own"

Last night I read a tweet that said a barrister had stated in an article that the age of consent should be lowered to 12 or 13.
She says that what the stars have been doing is not so serious and that they are just 'low misdemeanour's.'  That they are not as serious as gang rape or murder. I think we should ask the victims of child abuse this. Child abuse is an assault on a person and it is also an assassination of their emotional and sometimes physical development. It is not ok to use one's position of power to control and manipulate people especially not of a sexual nature. Today there is an outcry about what this barrister said but I think we need to be vigilant that there are paedophiles in high places who want the law to be changed so that they can carry on their deprave activities within the law. There was a time when other liberalism's were completely taboo but now there have been in recent years laws passed which say that…