"To each there own"

Last night I read a tweet that said a barrister had stated in an article that the age of consent should be lowered to 12 or 13.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22459815

She says that what the stars have been doing is not so serious and that they are just 'low misdemeanour's.'  That they are not as serious as gang rape or murder. I think we should ask the victims of child abuse this. Child abuse is an assault on a person and it is also an assassination of their emotional and sometimes physical development. It is not ok to use one's position of power to control and manipulate people especially not of a sexual nature.
Today there is an outcry about what this barrister said but I think we need to be vigilant that there are paedophiles in high places who want the law to be changed so that they can carry on their deprave activities within the law. There was a time when other liberalism's were completely taboo but now there have been in recent years laws passed which say that activities that were unacceptable 30 years a go are now seen as normal abortion being an example of this.
I think we would be naive to not think that this could go the same way. Unfortunately and alarmingly there are far too many people who think like this barrister and even worse who are using their status to be involved in paedophile activities.
The truth is children and young people are being sexualised from a very early age. Many of the clothes in the shops for children (here I am talking about pre-adolescence's) are more like for adults they are rather provocative. I ask myself who is behind the designing of these clothes, why are we accepting our children wearing such clothes which encourage paedophilia.  It is a battle as young people think that these are the clothes that all their friends are wearing so why wouldn't they want to wear them.  I can envisage difficulties of my own when I am a parent in the future.  For now though I feel like an advocate for allowing our young people to be young.  The clothes get even worse when young people become teenagers past 12, then clothes are even worse. Often when I see a young person I have difficulty ageing them because they would appear to be adults until I ask them their age and they tell me they are in year 8.
It isn't just clothes that are sexualising our children but the majority of the music they listen to is of a sexual nature. The music does seem to be aiming at children and young people, it is mainly children and young people who listen and even go to these concerts which are little more than soft porn shows.  Children as young as four go to these concerts parents do not seem to have any problem with taking their children.  We are believing the myth that it doesn't matter and we wonder why when they are a little older they want sex as soon as their bodies feel ready. What we listen to and are involved in does affect how we think.
It is really difficult because young people seem to be developing physically faster than ever before and one could be forgiven for not thinking they are adults.  
In my opinion the media and the establishment that runs things in the world want to turn our young people into adults sooner perhaps so that they can use and exploit them and have all the excuses for doing it I mean especially sexually.
Even in school young people are told they are mature now they are young adults what a load of rubbish they aren't not until late teens and even then they may have some growing up to do.
It is strange how young people physically grow up too fast but emotionally they are still very young and what a difficult situation because they totally appear to be something they are not.

In the case of Saville going back 30 years children still looked like children so my argument doesn't work there was no confusion on whether this was a child or not.. In this case I wonder how many more cases will appear and how deep it goes into our establishment and I think there will be things we will never know because there has been and will continue to be one almighty cover up.

All of this goes to show that there are parasites who are living off vulnerable people including young people.  This reminds me of the grooming issues which I have read about and come across recently.

The problem we have with grooming and child abuse to teenagers is that they are often consenting because more and more children want sex because their bodies appear ready this coupled with the enormous love deficit which many young people experience with the number of broken homes there are in the world particularly thinking here of the UK.

The risk is to laugh at this barrister and say well she is off her head but slowly but surely as young people become more sexualized and young people experiment more and more with sex. One could say well the young people want it why don't we give it them which is what has happened in many other decisions which have been made or are being made.

My other concern is that because many of the people who have arisen from the Savile enquiry are well loved names like Stuart Hall, there could be a number of opinions to the scandal like NO, NO he is such a nice fellow he couldn't possibily of been involved the police must have it wrong there is obviously a witch-hunt after all these celebrities. Or like the barrister Ah well what they did was'nt so wrong they were just having a bit of fun, it can't be that bad.

Just like the levenston enquiry it will be on the news so much that it wont be a scandal any more we wont be outraged any-more against child abuse because we have been immunised against how horrific it is. There was a time when we were outraged against domestic violence or rape but now it is just another crime it is bad but we don't bat an eyelid about it.

As more names come up not just here but across the world my fear is that it will be trivialised and that we will become immune to how sadistic and evil child abuse is.  I am quite sure that this has some connection to ritualistic satanic worship as well even the Illuminati. 
Lets allow and even fight for the youth of our children and young people. That children could be children and young people would be able to enjoy an innocent childhood.

The last couple of mornings I have been reading Judges (Judges 19 - 21) and I got to the end this morning the last story was about a man and his concubine which seemed a really strange story to me. Basically a man throws his concubine to a load of randy men who wanted to engage in homosexual activities in order to get rid of them he throws out his concubine once finding her dead on the step he sends parts of her to different locations the people are outraged and go to war. All the way through Judges it says time and again 

'everyone did fit by their own eyes because there was no King.' Judges 21:25

This got me thinking this is very much how our country and indeed the world is. Apart from those who have a relationship with Jesus people tend to do what they see fit. Growing up I have often heard the phase                               

'To each their own.'

This is a whole other biog but what I want to focus on here is what I read about last night. It seems really horrible what this man did in Judges and what was the point. Well the Holy spirit showed me this morning was that he was raising awareness of the wickedness of these men and they went to war over it.
God is calling us to go to war about the assault of innocence on our children and young people. Eventually the Israelites decide that what their brothers did wasn't so bad after all and didn't want them being excluded from the tribe completely. Lets not do the same lets keep fighting until we see things go in the opposite direction and see childhood and adolescence restored to our young people.  


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