Spanish escapades day three

It's amazing how long time seems on holiday, it's as if time stands still. Monday was a great day we spent sometime on the beach watching two new friends as they parasailed over the sea. One of my new friends from London decided that on our last day we should go back and ride a banana boat. As I can't swim something to be conquered very soon. I took one look at the boat and decided there was no way on earth I was getting on that boat as it looked very unstable and I was sure I would be thrown off. She did talk me into agreeing to go onto the boat that pulled the banana boat.
We decided to go on an adventure to the lighthouse that we had heard about. Only we decided to embark on this adventure in the midday sun. One of the group decided we should find somewhere to shelter which I decided was a fab idea because I didn't want to turn into a crab as I burn very easily. I had to wear a top over my shoulders so I didn't burn even though it was baking hot. Our walk led us by a nuddest beach which was a sight for sore eyes, we didn't know where to look, we had to look toward the sea. Over there no one seems to be embarrassed, there were also quite a few people sunbathing topless right near to where we were when we were just chilling on the beach it made things quite arkward indeed. After having to avoid looking on the beach we stumbled across a little restaurant by the beach which was in a cave with trees inside and even a bird flying around. It was like having a jungle but a small one. 
It was extremely hot, nevertheless we decided to go and try and find the lighthouse. Up the hill we climbed only to find that the gates were firmly locked. So we peered at the lighthouse through the gates did a little photo shoot just to prove we had climbed the hill. We then decided to head back to the hotel and go in the pool. However there was a rather secluded beach on route so I asked the gang if they would wait for me whilst I climbed some rocks to see some cormorants. However I had not been wearing my flip flops so in true Angela style I tried to climb the rocks bare foot. Instead I nearly shredded my feet so ran back to retrieve my sandals. I climbed the rocks once again to see my cormorant friends who were at the end of the cliffs and as I can't swim and my flip flops were going to fail me as they did as I came down from admiring my regal friends. I could have stayed there a lot longer but I knew that my new friends were waiting for me. 
So we headed back to the hotel along the road where we couldn't look down as their were naked guys floating in the sea. After our eventful walk back to eventual visual safety. 
A little later I took a dip in the pool, only the shallow end was not very shallow and it sloped quite worryingly for me. I patted myself on the back for not almost drowning this time, although I did have 3 teachers so there was not much chance of drowning! 
In true oak hall style the day didn't finish there after the bible study we all went out for icecream to apparently the best ice-cream place in Caella. I had the pleasure of teaching my fellow icecream eaters how to ask for the bill. I was assured by the people behind the cash desk that they did manage it. It was fun generally teaching my new friends Spanish phrases. After Ice cream we wandered around the town for a bit settling in a hat shop where we probably esaperated the owner as myself and another guy tried on half the caps in the shop. I finally found a cap perfect for me at a very low price. God gives to those who wait lol 


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