Relationship with a book or a person

Recently I have had quite a few conversations where I have asked a number of people about their Christian life and where I expect to hear about what God has been saying but what I have heard from those that have shared with me is rather what they have been reading rather than what God has been saying to them. I am now realizing that perhaps to many God speaking to us is an alien concept. It is something that we were told could happen when we first started on the journey of getting to know God but I guess many of us have resigned and comforted ourselves in the idea that God doesn't really really speak to us these days or God doesn't speak to me as I'm not spiritual enough I mean I'm not a Pastor or anything like that so why would God even need to speak to me.

The Bible is probably the most amazing book ever written probably because one way or another it was written by the creator of the universe, however after speaking to people I realize that many of us have a relationship with the Bible but not with Jesus. It's like the Bible has taken the place of our intimate relationship with Jesus God never intended for that. Of course God is very capable of speaking through the Bible and within our relationship with Our Lord it needs to figure it's his love Letter to us and also our manual for life there is no doubt about it. However God can speak outside of the Bible he always has and always will we can even hear him through films I have many times some of the most amazing revelations have come through films!!

So God can speak to us outside of our box when we are making the tea, in the shower on a walk where ever you want so it's great that we can read the Bible and learn the about the teachings from Jesus and the Old Testament teachings but our relationship with God can be 24-7.

We can be constant dialogging with our creator just like Broadband, so it doesn't start and finish with the Bible your relationship with God can start there but then the sky is the limit.
We really can soar like an eagle with Our Lord whispering the secrets of life into our ears so we can soar above the rest, having the opportunity to see the bigger picture.
So lets not just stay on the ground but lets soar above the clouds like the eagles!!!


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