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So as you may have seen in other newsletters or Blogs I am off to Argentina in September to do the counselling school.  People would keep asking me so when are you booking your flight and I would say I don't know I don't have the money and can't see how I am going to get it!! God had already come up with a plan which would completely take me by surprise.
Back at the beginning of the year when I knew I would be heading to Argentina in September I decided to start doing my part which was to bake a few banana cakes and sell them to the DTS Students. I thought well I'm not going to earn huge amounts but I can do my part this was just the beginning..........

As I told people about my future plans they started to give me small amounts of money in pennies for example  although one of those bags of coppers added up to £40 and then another bag amounted to £20.  This was so encouraging and great to know that so many people are with me and so supportive the most amazing bit was yet to come.  A woman heard about what I was doing and decided to hire me to cater for the prayer meetings she was organising in parliament. Most of them were small amounts of people which amounted to perhaps £100 for all of them in total I also got helped by my bezzie mate!!  Then I had to cater for the cakes and biscuits for an event for 400 people I got a little team together and everyone gave their services free and ingredients that one off event resulted in a cheque for £500 totally amazing so that meant I had enough to pay for my flight which too was a mini miracle at £590 as well.
However it doesn't finish there a girl at work heard about what I had been doing and asked if I could cater for lunches for her film crew so, so far we have catered for their film shoots and they still would like to use our services.  I never dreamed that the finances would come in through this route but it just shows that God really does have a sense of humour.


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