The other night I did something I would never do I watched Twilight I had been really avoiding it for quite a while.  The truth is I thought it was kind of a horror movie.  It was on in my living room and we were having a girly night in so I decided to stick it out see whether I could stomach it.  I realised that there wasn't going to be any horror that I was extremely relieved.  However the camera work creates a very horror type feeling.  Everything is tinted blue and all the faces are grey like what you get in real horror movies.  The story was quite cripping and I was getting into it.  I started to understand why this phenomena has swept the nation particularly the girls well at least the ones that I have come across.  I could feel myself being drawn into the film what was so enticing.  I woke up the next morning feeling traumatized and quite empty and I asked what was going on why had this movie got under my skin.  I was asking God about it as you do, I was annoyed with myself that I too had been sucked in.....  Then it struck me the phrase that the pastor has been saying to us for quite a while came to me "HEAVEN IS SO REAL
I have been asking myself and well that morning why the big deal over this Movie and I realised that the essence of this film is intimacy and the supernatural.  The truth is that eternity is in the heart of every person because we were created to live forever not necessarily in the form we are in today, we were also created for the supernatural those of us who know Jesus the king of heaven have a different citizenship.  Everyone else has this deep desire in their heart to be part of the heavenly sphere even if they don't realise it. 


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