New Beginnings at Spring time

New beginnings at Spring- time

Moving again!!!!   It seems I am always packing my stuff up and moving, during this last period of time I have been in Britain I think I have moved 5 times and this most recent move is my sixth time that is move a year although sometimes they are more frequent.  After living in community and with the DTS for only six months I have moved to my best friends flat so it really is a blessing.  I have my own room again and it is really nice to have a bit more space than usual.  However I won't be here for too long as I am planning to move on yet again but this next one is rather a big one.......
New Adventures    You all know that I love to travel and I love to go on adventures and God is taking me on a big one.  This may seems as something that is coming out of the blue for many of you but I have had many confirmations since I decided.  You may remember that the way I ended up back in Britain was by coming on outreach with the Arts Team.  When I said  to God as I got off the plane I won't mind if you call me back to England this time.  I didn't imagine that he would take me at my word but he did.  I have been here in England now for the last 6 years and I have come to really love my country .  So after 6 years after a lot of praying and thinking I have decided to return but this time to  Puerta Madryn which is in the South with one of the leaders in YWAM Argentina I have admired for a long time called Jorge Rios he has an amazing testimony and is truly inspirational.

You can look up the website of the base I am going to be working at

Here are some photos of the base

Mercy Ministries

SO until then I am working at earning as much money as I can to pay the rent on my new place as well as some of the debts  and of course I need to raise the money for a ticket.  I am also taking the next six months to raise monthly support too.

I have a lot to do over the next six months all the things I thought I had a lot of time to sort out suddenly I only have
Taboo is the new Arts Ministry team we have which is starting to kick off and with the new Basic Leadership School our team is growing already. Our first ventures will be a couple of exhibitions possibly two before I go and then the BONES project which we are turning  up a notch this year.
Wildfire Kings Kids We have been working with some young people up till now from mainly one church although this is not in any way the aims of Wildfire however these young people have been both really encouraging and we also believe in many ways will act like a platform for the rest of the young people who will come afterwards.
We have a number of fund-raising events coming up that the young people came up with.  It is so great that the young people are really hungry for God and are becoming a great part of taking the ministry forward.

New Beginnings So it is a very key and special time that I am leaving and in some ways it doesn't make sense but I have had so many words like a word from the Bible about going back to my homeland and in many ways that is what Argentina has been to me in many ways.  I am leaving at a good time there are many more people on the ways and things are kicking off in a big way.  It does seem the pattern in my life that just when things are beginning to take shape God moves me on perhaps one day I will understand it, all I do know though is that God has an exciting future for me in Argentina what it holds is yet to be seen!!!!!!!!

I will be back from time to time as my family and friends are here in England
I look forward to hearing from you all very soon

I would like to involve you all in this next stage of my life so please can you pray for this next six months that I am able to earn enough money and  finish everything I need to finish.

You can also be part of this adventure in a practical way by being a partner and contributing from £20 a month.

There are other ways too and if you are interested you can get in touch with me direct.

I look forward to seeing or hearing from you
Huge Blessings


If you would like to make a one off Donation please use these details

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If you would like to support on a monthly basis then I can send you out a Stewardship form which will help gain tax back

Angela Thompson


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