Outreach to Europe

Hey folks, I can’t believe it is nearly Christmas the Counseling school I am doing has gone by so fast in just under three weeks we are heading on outreach to start to teach and put into practice what we have learnt. In so many things I feel like I am only just starting to see them incorporated into my life. However I know that God has so much for us during the outreach. 
So there is a team from our school along with a team of professionals from the local church going to Haiti and then our team will be going to el Salvador and Guatemala. 
However the team that I am going on will be coming to Europe, around the 3rd January we will be coming to England and spending two weeks in London and from there on 15th January we will be flying to Latvia where we will be working in prisons and rehabilitation centres for two weeks, then to Italy where we will be for a month working with the local churches.  There are 5 students in our team who are Me, Jessica (Argentina) Mirtha (Peru) Alejandra (Colombia) and Facundo (Argentina). 
What is amazing is that we are all on the worship team here and this was a huge confirmation that God was indeed sending us to Europe. 
We have a huge challenge ahead of us as a team each air ticket is around £1500 because of the season we are coming in then another £1500 for internal travel around Europe and accommodation, food etc. 
You may know that the exchange rate here is $6.26 Pesos to the £1 so the challenge for my friends here is even greater and some have not finished paying for their schools. However we have been seeing God work in a great way! 
My plan is to change the flight that I came here with bring it forward so I can use it now and then buy another return ticket when I come back to Buenos Aires in March.  Most of you will know that I am planning to stay with YWAM for some time here in Argentina. So for me as well I am facing a huge financial challenge.  I am though very grateful to God that I have already paid for the theory part of my school. 
My original plan was to use the return ticket I have and bring the date forward to the 1st/2nd January so I can use it for my outreach.  I need to pay a fine and the difference which I am not sure the exact amount but I have been looking at the prices and tickets are around £1500 mark so I might need to pay up to £1000 to change my ticket then I need to see whether it might be better to buy a new ticket all together. 
On top of changing my ticket I will also need to buy a ticket to come back here for the final evaluation and graduation. Apart from this I plan to stay here for some time! 
Theses are my personal challenges for the outreach and the date is fast approaching of when we need to buy the tickets  
As I am planning on staying here for sometime from March onwards I will be here as Staff and since I came to Argentina my support base has decreased significantly. So I am looking to find new partners who want to invest in what we are doing here in Argentina and also how we are influencing other nations with the Kingdom of God.  I need prayer partners to pray specifically  for what is happening here and all we are involved in ( you will be able to find the information on my Blog and I will send more updates  http://angelantics.blogspot.com. 
I am also looking for people who want to invest in the work here with £10 or £20 or more per month this will help towards my living costs here etc. I have a stewardship account so if you are from England and pay tax you can commit to be a partner or give a one off donation I can email you the forms.  
I have also placed my bank details underneath if you do donate towards the outreach it would be great to drop me an email just so I know what is from whom. 
I will keep you up to date with how things are going for this outreach to Europe


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