Putting roots down in Manchester

If you are reading this you will realise that I haven't written to people for quite a long time instead of writing an email I thought I would update my Blog so you can see what I have been up to!!
So about two months ago I finally decided to stay in Manchester. It took a long time to get to the point where I could definitely say that was what God was telling me to do.
You may remember that I got stuck so's to speak in Manchester waiting to go to finish my outreach for the counselling school I was doing.  It was a difficult decision to not go back to Argentina and finish what I started.
Like I wrote last time God had put his finger on my finances telling me it was time to sort them out but as time goes on and even yesterday through a conversation from a friend I had another confirmation that I had made the right decision to stay in Manchester.
God has shown me the importance of my family and he has shown me how I can mix my family with my church family something I wasn't able to do when I was living else where.  My family are absolutely amazed that I have so many friends and not just fly by nights but actually fairly strong relationships where we are in contact a lot and where they actually care about me.
One of my friends even prayed for my mum when a load of girls from my church in the home (like a house group but the idea is to be church in the community in it's fullness rather than just a church group that meets once a week)
I have been asking God for a local church family for a few years and well he has certainly given me one Kings church is an awesome church the folks there have become my family in the greatest sense of the word and I really felt this greatly when I went to www.ministrieswithoutborders.co.uk Bible week just last week where we had a fab time. I have been astonished and amazed at the church I am now part of it where the Power of the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully and the grasp on community living is so strong.  I was really concerned coming out of YWAM where the family and community is drilled into us that it would be somewhat lacking in a local church.  I couldn't have been more wrong the love I have found and the sense of family and community has been great.  I suppose I have positioned myself in and with the people who are hungry for God and who have a strong relationship with Jesus but it wasn't hard it feels and I suppose God told me too just before I decided to stay that he had prepared a place for me and that is exactly what I see that God really has prepared a place for me.
Considering that I wasn't living in community any more and that I was living with my parents I settled into life in Manchester very quickly.
The truth is I was terrified about leaving YWAM I seriously didn't think there was life afterwards especially as it was 10 years of my life I didn't think I would find the kind of community I experienced in YWAM anywhere else.  So I realise that God is moving hugely in and outside of YWAM and that there really if life outside.
My whole life and to some extent even my relationship with God had been wrapped up with YWAM I didn't see a life outside and the possibility scared me.
I have had the revelation that it's all about Jesus not YWAM, not ministry not even evangelism and it;s amazing that, that was the main point that came over last week at Bible week.  I found this new love for Jesus without the pressures of YWAM and ministry.

Bible week was fantastic great time of fellowship together hanging out chilling together and then the teaching particularly what we were taught about how we need to be wrapped up with Jesus in the same way that Jesus is wrapped up with the father.  That we can have the same kind of relationship with Jesus that Jesus experienced with the Father.  This totally blew my mind and still does.
God is teaching our particular church family about the importance of Love that we need to be rooted and grounded in Love it can be funny the way we ignoer the most obvious yet important thing.
I am sure I am going to be blogging a lot more about LOVE as it is the most important thing and not the mushy kind but the unconditional variety


Marta said…
:0) good to hear some news from you! I've missed you.

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