THIS IS QUITE A WHILE A GO SO I THOUGHT I WOULD POST IT ANOTHER COMING REALLY SOON .........I have just returned from Pune, India where I had the honor to be invited to a wedding which was a week long. It was like my reward for working hard of late on my postgrad in Youth and community studies which I finished the tuesday before I flew out. As well as essays I had been working on a community Audit project which meant engaging with the local community finding out their views on the area which was both eye opening. It has made me excited about working with the local community on different projects in the near future.
So India, twas amazing I pretty much partied for the time I got there to the time I left.  I was treated like a princess chauffeured everywhere I went, wined and dined, danced with what more could a girl ask for. I did not have to lift a finger everything was done for me, all I had to worry about was what I would wear and and the photos I would take. I probably didn't take enough though. 

Me, Joy and the happy couple 
I only really saw the other side of India from a far. From the roof top of my hotel, I could see the normal houses down below. Then I was able to go out on to the street twice but not without guides in the form of some new friends. I think I would have died if I had gone out on my own. Mainly due to the traffic which I was informed was probably the best in India. Nonetheless crossing the road in India is an Art form failure to do this at your peril. Basically you have to walk even when cars, tuck tucks or buses are coming towards you believing that they won't hit you but swerve which is what they did.

Apart from a Taxi a Tuck Tuck was the other form of transport which was basically a glorified moped with a roof.


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