Spanish escapades day one

A few weeks ago I went on holiday which was a welcome break to my usual activities. I embarked first of all on a journey across the UK to the south east coast. Of course my travels were not without their dramas as my middle name or should I say my blog name is not antics. So the first drama was like something straight out of Bridget Jones. 
As I anticipated getting on the coach with my suitcase which I was convinced was going to not be allowed on the coach as I hadn't managed to weigh. I don't own a pair of weighing scales, maybe it is time to invest. 
I had a Bridget jones moment with my suitcase, I didn't realise that it wouldn't fit down the aisle, what suitcase doesn't fit down an aisle. Clearly my case doesn't. I can imagine Bridget Jones dragging her suitcase down the aisle of a train, knocking everyone over just as I did. Thankfully my amazing travel buddy came to the rescue along with a couple of unsuspecting male bystanders who took pity on a poor weak lassy. 
Thankfully that was the last of the suitcase drama, apart from the fact that all my stuff was down below and I had to manage the last 12 hours with no jumpers and no tea. I tried to remember what how much does that tea bag cost and can I have it without water. Oh and did I mention that I left my blazer on the train. 

You would have thought that with all my wanderings across the globe I would have had enough practice at packing. Alas I still seem to need the kitchen sink with me. When the coach finally arrived to Folkestone we climbed upstairs to a fairly dark and quiet coach. However there was a couple of people chatting and before I knew it we were boarding the ferry to Calias, there was talk of us going on the Eurostar. Sadly that will have to wait for next time. 
It was some crazy time in the morning, can't remember what time it was. I just felt very delirious like I was from another planet. There I was wandering around the shop of the ferry with my mate and these new people I barely knew. Still I guess the fact that we were christians meant that we were already family. After an unknowable time on the ferry we scrambled back onto the coach, went to well kind of half sleep and then finally woke up for the final time somewhere in the middle of France where we discovered breakfast. I tried to use the little French I knew which seemed to work for breakfast. However when I wanted to push the boat out and ask for a fruit tea bag I couldn't come up with enough French to make it work nor find anyone who spoke any who I knew in our group. 
Note to self make sure you know some French if you are going through France as it will probably come in useful 😉
here I am in the coach in France somewhere in the hills having just had a yummy lunch of chicken mozzarella and tomatoes near a castle with my new oak hall friends and of course my roomy for the week Tasha. 


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