Spanish escapades day two

So after 24 hours on a coach I actually needed some space by the next day. Anybody who knows me is in disbelief here, but even I need quiet sometimes and perhaps more so since I lived on my own.
I managed to hide away for a few hours upstairs in the hotel to spend some time with Papa (God) I may have stolen this from the shack but you catch the sentiment. I got to the beach for a couple of hours and dangled my feet in the water but generally kept dry . I loved staring at the waves coming in and out I could stare for hours, there is something captivating about the sea. We had already formed our group we were the gang from the coach. Even on the first day which was a Sunday it felt like time slowed down. That couple of hours seemed to quite extensive. Then there was dinner and our first meeting, dinner Usually consisted of lots of salad. I needed to make sure I didn't just fill up on salad although it was quite easy to do and friends had to remind me. I imagine that my energy levels would have been non existent if I had not got some meat down me. 
As a group of people we all got thrown together quickly and miraculously we all got on famously quickly. It's funny that even now I feel like I have known my oak hall friends for years but it's not even been a month yet. I guess friendships deepen quickly because you are living in each other's pockets. Of course one can always escape but being an extrovert I loved having people to talk to all the time. 
It took me back to my YWAM days when you could always find someone around to talk to. 
I was so blessed to find a group of guys and girls who shared a lot of my values for reaching out, the prophetic and generally loving Jesus. 


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