Invisible Battleground

So I'm in England Manchester to be precise at the moment. In south America where I have been living recently we talk about spiritual stuff all the time the good and the bad. The demonic is a lot more normal over there and visible.  Today as I was walking to church I had quite a revelation which seems quite elementary and something that I already knew I would talk about all the time.  I have been praying about spiritual stuff with those closest to me.   I was having a struggle with someone this morning I was becoming very angry towards them and I couldn't work out why and then it dawned in me. Even though I was getting confused in who I was getting angry at. Then the holy spirit said to me your not fighting against flesh and blood your fighting against principalities and powers.  So you mustn't be angry with them you need to be angry at the enemy.  Like Jesus said they no not what they do!  Like the enemy has blinded them.  So here in Europe there is a huge very powerful spiritual background in England it is very strong like invisible walls that have been built up between ourselves and the enemy.  As no one talks about it here I have to keep reminding myself over and over that even though I can't see it that we are in a very present real spiritual battle!!!


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