So here I am in my home town Manchester and actually enjoying being here for a change!  I have now been here for a month and the last month has gone quite quickly even though I haven't actually been doing much.  Mainly due to the fact that I have been on stand by waiting to see if I would be going to Latvia and Italy or not.  However in the end nor my other team member or my leader from Zambia were able to get their visas.  So I am still here and it doesn't look like I will be going anywhere any time soon.  I think what makes me so content to be here and so relaxed is the fact that I know without a shadow of a doubt God was the one who got me here.  It wasn't a mistake.  
In the last month I have been able to spend some long awaited time with my family and had some great conversations with them. I have also been able to reconnect on a deeper level with a church I have been going to on and off when ever I have been in town.  It is amazing the way God answers all our prayers. Two in particular that I believe he is in the process of answering are the fact I haven't really had a home church here in England. I have been involved in many churches but not one that I could say this is my home church and one that I would always go back to and who know what I am doing. All the other churches that I have been connected with I go back to but not very often. The difference with Kings in Manchester is that my parents house from now on will be my base as I am not part of the team in London any more.
The second thing that God has put his finger on and is doing something about it is the debt I have accumulated  over the years which I have been pressing into God about.  Just recently I have had some people offer to lend me the money to pay it off so I don't have to be paying the interest and then with me being in Manchester I am  taking advantage of the time I am here and looking for some work, it looks like I might be able to pay it off this time.  I believe he is going to be answering some other prayers things I've had pending for quite a few years and it looks like this is the year!!!!


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